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From Florida to the Caribbean Islands to New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska to Colorado and many places in between, NFLFS is a small office with a big reach. Our specialization is producing 3D fire sprinkler drawings that "fit". Our sprinkler plans are easier to read, easier to permit, easier to install...all with far less conflicts in the field. We offer 3D BIM, permit drawings, installation shop drawings, take-off estimation drawings and project management. We also offer MEP overlay drawings; all MEP trades on 1 drawing, color coded (instead of flipping between pages in your construction documents to determine conflicts). Please take a minute to view the other pages in our website, then contact us to see how NFLFS can benefit you!
Whether you are a small company without a full-time designer or a large corporation with too many jobs for your designers to complete, NFLFS is here for you. We will produce a custumized fire sprinkler design, hydraulic calculations, including notes and details, to make your project installation run smoother. We design for FP Contractors, General Contractors, engineers, architects and owners.
We are NICET III certified, and have extensive experience with all types of construction. We also carry extensive knowledge of the NFPA standards which we use to design the most efficient and cost effective sprinkler systems possible. NFLFS is proud to bring experience which ranges from Estimation, Design Management, Project Management & Lead Design.
Many drawings look good on paper, but if your foreman calls back to the office to tell it doesn't fit, you lose money. While we understand that the plumber or electrician or HVAC installer will move their installation in our way, we strive to produce drawings with little or no error because we know that if it "fits" in the field, you will save time and money! 95% of our projects are designed for all main and branch line piping to be pre-fab. Why cut every piece of pipe in the field when you can install pipe "A" to pipe "B" to pipe "C". Save time and money on your install with design from NFLFS!
Whether it be NFPA 13-13D-13R wet, dry, pre-action, antifreeze, ESFR, storage, fire pumps & water storage tanks, we have experience in most types of residential and commmercial construction; some of which include single/multi-family residential, single/multi story office buildings, retail, warehouses, schools, hospitals, distribution centers, parking garages, military and government projects.